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Our Services

On a sphere of education, we offer wide range of services for those youth or students who would like to study abroad, particularly in Malaysia, USA, UK, Australia, Chin, New Zeland, Turkey, Cyprus and United Arab Emirates.

Our Student Call Back services, will call you back once we receive a request and will explain about the programs offered accordingly.

Our services based on consultations, assistance, documentations , translation of documents and allocating donors or sponsors for those student who are in need and have high academic potentials.

We will support all students continuously, and for those students with high results and with financial need, we will assist accordingly.

Our services contain as following:

  • Consultation
  • Our professional Team will recommend and allocate you best choice of University based on you requirements and financial capabilities
  • Documentation Process
  • Preparation of all necessary documentations and translations as required.
  • Admission/Booking for Language Courses
  • Admission to the University
  • Preparation of necessary documentation for Visa Process
  • Postal and Banking services
  • Accommodation and Hostel bookings
  • Pick up/ Drop of at the Airport of arriving country
  • Safe arrangements of trip until the destination
  • Assistance with the Registration to the University or Language School

Trade and Investment

Our professional Business Consulting Services offers a wide range of services in a sphere of Trade and Investment.

Business match making
Having professional expertise and more than 1000 members combined both importers and exporters through our partners, we are fully equipped to arrange and organize Business and Trade match making activities in various types of spheres.

Export/ Import activities
While contributing for our partners to get their business deals, we assist to allocate local partners for trade activities.

Investment and Financial Consulting
We offer wide range of investment portfolio for Foreign Investor in Tajikistan. Being a member of largest Banks and Investment companies of Republic of Tajikistan, we offer partnership between foreign investors and reputable financial institutions of Tajikistan.

Holidays and Tourism

Holiday Packages
TM-Holidays offers wide range of packages to sunny South East Asian regions for holiday , our attractive packages offered to Malaysia, Thailand, Bali (Indonesia) Singapore and Europe. We provide you the best unforgettable holiday packages with the lowest price available.

We provide services such as:

  • Hotel Booking
  • Ticketing
  • Arranging Transportation
  • Pick up and Drop of from the airport of destination
  • Translator services
  • Tour guide (Russian speaker))

Organizational Chart for TM-International Group
  • Палатаи савдо ва саноати ЧТ
  • Вазорати маориф ва илми ЧТ
  • Хукумати шахри Душанбе
  • Ministry of Education Malaysia
  • North America University
  • Herzing University
  • Mentora College
  • Egme
  • Limkakwing
  • Segi University
  • University Kuala Lumpur
  • Nottingam University
  • City University
  • Erican College
  • ELS
  • British Council
  • KLCC
  • CIU Cyprus
  • Lefke
  • Near East University
  • Eastern Mediterranean University
  • Vistula University
  • Turiba - School of Business Administration
  • BAU
  • Okan University
  • Yangtze University
  • LSBF
  • Anglia Ruskin University
  • Toronto University
  • CEPU
  • Dalian Maritime University
  • Kazan National Technological Reasearch University
  • Kazan Federal University
  •  EUSTC China
  •  Aydin University
  • Sabanci University
  • Bilkent University
  • SWPS Warsaw